About Magnethandel.de

Since the foundation in 1999 excellent quality of our products and service is our main target. Short lead times for special quotations and reliable information about our products provided are very important for us.

One of our most important objectives is serving our customers at a high quality level. The standards for the quality of our products and services are set by you. Your opinion about our services and products is essential. As the quality of our products supplied by us also depends on the quality of the products and services from our partners we require a high quality standard from them as well.

We want to improve our service steadily so that you like being our customer and stay it for next years.

Companies history

Foundation of Earthbound Magnetics by Hermann-J. Nocke. He can draw on personal working experience in the industry of more than twenty years and enjoys excellent connections to well reputed international first class manufacturers of all kind of magnetic materials as well as magnetising machines and measuring equipment.

Due to the well established market position turnover has grown steadily and additional staff was hired. In July 2000 Earthbound Magnetics moved to larger premisses as a result of the business expansion.

The changing international market situation in favour of far east magnet manufacturers leads the company to move from being a representative for European manufacturers to a trading company for mainly Chinese magnets and magnetic components.

EarthMag GmbH is founded taking over the activities of the former company Earthbound Magnetics.

EarthMag GmbH always endeavour after improving their quality of customer service, the company gets certified to DIN ISO 9001 : 2008.

The destribution of flat pot magnets, bar magnets and magnetic tape elevates the variety of our products.

To grant our customers more comfortable shopping we started our new online magnet shop in the beginning of 2010.